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Consulting · Project management · Planning of PCS, PLC, NC, PC and conventional control systems · Setting up switchgear and control systems · Installation and commissioning · Service and supply of spare parts · Employees training courses


As early as in the preliminary planning stage, our professional specialists make effective use of their expertise, taking responsibility for drawing up specifications, working out solutions and project plans, preparing tender specifications and drafting documentation for invitations to tender.

Software planning and factory testing

The programming and controls of complex networked systems are checked in test runs and simulation trials at our laboratory before they are installed on the customer's premises. All elements and components of a system can be tested in conjunction without affecting the production process, thus reducing premature breakdowns of electronic modules to a minimum.

The services we offer also include the option of simulating and testing complete servo drive lines and their distance and position control.
Another economically relevant factor is that we actively involve our client's specialist staff in the software completion stage. This means that from the earliest possible stage the architecture and structure of the system will be fully transparent to all those involved, thus reducing the time needed for training employees and minimising disruptions to production.

Hardware planning

State-of-the-art electronic CAD systems, linked with the efficient procurement of equipment and materials, enable us to meet our deadlines. These systems are also in conformity with practically all industrial requirements both within Germany and abroad.

Control cabinet manufacture

Through consistently making use of the potential offered by our accumulated experience, and based on the direct proximity of planning and manufacture and a well-stocked warehouse, we can manage to provide a synchronised working sequence between control cabinet manufacture and the planning stage. Even customised solutions can be realised in record time, in conformity with the most recent VDE1 requirements. Tests based on computer-aided record-keeping will be carried out before the equipment is finally approved.


Beyond manufacturing, we also install systems on site for the customer. The scope of work and services includes the installation of control cabinets, laying conduits for the cables, setting up the electrical connections, laying the cables themselves and installing the actuator technology and the digital and analog sensor systems.


When commissioning systems and equipment, we make sure that all the operating and monitoring options and error diagnosis facilities have been exploited to the full, right from the start of the commissioning process. Operating and maintenance personnel are immediately involved in this stage, and receive the necessary training. Our standby service supports production startup sequences both within Germany and abroad.


Our specialist staff can be reached at any time, and are always ready to give our customers the benefit of their expertise. Supported by our Online Teleservice, error analysis studies and distance maintenance can be carried out promptly and effectively from our own sites, based on the concentrated know-how of our professionals. The same is true for any program changes that need to be made. To ensure that older systems can still be serviced,
we keep a stock of the required spare parts and programming devices.