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Our philosophy

Modern technology and innovative engineering are the basis of our success. Wesee ourselves as providers of solutions for the most varied range of tasks, developing economical solutions at the very highest level. It goes without saying that our company has ISO 9001-2000 certification.

Starting in 1977, HM evolved from Manfred Husslein's  entrepreneurial activities. Power engineering and automation were HM's main areas of business, and these have continued to determine the structure and orientation of the company up to the present day. In 1994, HM's eadquarters moved to Weinheim. A year later a new production site - HM S.A.R.L. - was started up at Sarralbe in France, manufacturing control cabinets and motor power systems. Working in conjunction, its two sites enable the company to operate flexibly in the European market.

Over twenty-five years we have built up a considerable fund of expertise which we see  as an obligation to continue developing and improving our services and products. The high quality level of the services we offer is demonstrated in the innovative and conscientious activities of our employees. Linked by the cooperative contribution of the Husslein family (with five family members in senior executive positions), the two companies enjoy an effective and homogeneous symbiosis. The HM company has a tradition, and it has a future - and continuity of success will be assured by coming generations.